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Elder Decries Dwindling Luo Population

Elder Decries Dwindling Luo Population


Sunday, April 7, 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

The chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Odungi Randa has decried the shrinking population of the Luo community.

Randa blamed the predicament on the negative effects of modern pop culture including drugs and substance abuse as well as adoption of the western lifestyle such as family planning that he expressed fear is now threatening to decimate the population of the Luo nation.

Ker Randa expressed fears that the dwindling numbers of the population of the Luo nation will shackle them in their endeavour to ascend to any meaningful leadership positions.

Speaking at Huma primary school in Kisumu during the installation of Mzee Ajiki Onduke as the guardian of the Luo community and an elder of Kawango Clan in Kisumu he said,“I want to tell our people that the population of the Luo community has dwindled and they are now endangered yet the question is why? we have many women, so what could be wrong? yet ascending to leadership is a question of numbers; Luos need to target at being over 5 million in the next two years,”

Randa castigated women who practice family planning which he blamed for decline of the Luo population.

“It doesn’t matter the kind of wealth you have amassed but when a woman dies the only question posed is always how many children has been left behind that’s why I am 89 years and planning to marry my fifth wife,” Randa remarked.

The women leaders attending the function supported Randa’s sentiments urging the Luo nation to increase in population so they can claim their rightful share in power.

“We did returns of new births and deaths and in Luo land the deaths far outweigh the births,” noted Mary Aluoch, a village midwife.

The event was graced by among other leaders Kisumu West MP Rosa Buyu as well as several MCAs.Courtesy; KNA

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