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Government to expand mobile network connectivity in Narok County

Government to expand mobile network connectivity in Narok County


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

KNA by John Kaleke

The Government is committed to ensuring that every corner of the country has Mobile Network connectivity, to enable all people to enjoy network facilities and access to Information and communications technology (ICT) services.While addressing the media in Narok, the Principal Administrative Secretary (PAS).

Ministry of Information, Communication and Digital Economy, Eric Kiraithe, said the government is keen on boarding all government services online.

The PAS held a meeting with the National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) led by the County Commissioner (CC), Kipkech Lotiatia, where they discussed the mobile network connectivity project, Universal Service Fund, where Narok county has benefited with the connectivity.

Kiraithe named the 10 Sub-locations connected in Phase 1 as; Maji-moto,Enkutoto, Entasekera, Olngarua, Olmesutie, Mausa,Olorte,Elangata Enterit, Enkoireroi, Enkiperiao and Enturoto, where the government has spent a total of Sh104.6 million for the connectivity project.

Kiraithe, however, said the Communication Authority (CA) is implementing Phase II of the mobile network connectivity project where it is targeting 101 unserved and under-served areas spread across the 19 marginalized counties in Kenya.

He added that in Phase II of the implementation Narok has Enkoireroi and Enturoto Sub-locations earmarked at a cost of Sh12.8Million.

Additionally, Kiraithe said the government is targeting 68 other Sub-locations in Phase IV for consideration for Mobile Network connectivity in Narok County.

These areas are: Nkareta, Aitong, Oletukat, Enaiborr Ajijik,Enaramatishorieki,Ntuka, Cheichel, Enooseyia, Ildamat, Parkarara, Olkinyei, Olorropil, Empatipat, Olmariko, Kamurar,Ilikiai,Nkimpa, Oloirowua, Olenkuluo,Leshuta,Osarara and Sagamian.

“There are a lot of areas that are not connected with mobile network connectivity, and therefore those citizens feel that they were left behind on development, the government is working to make sure that all people enjoy the network services,” said Kiraithe.

Kiraithe said the Communication Authority through the collaboration with NGAO, County government and other government agencies on the ground, are working closely in engagements to make sure the ICT services are serving the intended purpose.

Kiraithi noted that Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), mostly depends on the internet and the government is working hard to make sure all government social services, got access to network connectivity, so that people can enjoy ICT services.

CC Lotitia said most part of the County is not connected to mobile network connectivity, adding that the government is looking to open-up the ICT infrastructure in Narok.

Courtesy; KNA

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