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Police in Narok arrest two women with bhang worth Sh288, 000

Police in Narok arrest two women with bhang worth Sh288, 000


Thursday, March 14, 2024

KNA by Ann Salaton

Police in Narok have arrested two women in Narok town with nine kilograms of bhang with a street value of Sh288, 000.Narok County Commissioner Kipkech Lotiatia said the bhang was nabbed in a homestead at Fanaka village by police who were acting on a tip-off from the members of the public.

“This is part of the ongoing crackdown against illicit brews and drugs in the entire county where police are carrying out impromptu raids in notorious drinking dens in the county,” he said.

Lotiaita said the two women, Elizabeth Angayo and Monica Pendo, would be arraigned in court where they would be charged with trafficking narcotic drugs against the law.

“The recovered substances that were packed in a green sack are kept as the exhibit as the suspects await to be arraigned in court,” he said.

At the same time, the Commissioner reported that a multiagency committee formed to fight illicit brewing in the county has carried out about 45 raids around major towns and nabbed over 2000 liters of illicit brew like changaa, kang’ara, and busaa and 60 cartons of unaccustomed alcohol in the last one week.

“We have arrested 180 people in connection to the illicit brewing and several bars closed. We are continuing with the operations with an aim at arresting those selling poisonous drinks to the public,” he said.

15 chemists and agro vets that do not have a legal operating permit were also shut down awaiting inspection from the public health officers on the legality of the substances they were selling.

“The bars will be opened if the bar owners adhere to the rules and regulations laid down for operating such premises. The bars should not be near schools, religious institutions, and residential areas. They should also sell products that are permitted in the country,” he insisted.

The County Commissioner spoke in his office after leading a crackdown against illicit brewing in the town.

Courtesy; KNA

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